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Atlas Geoportal for Construction, Surveying and Asset Management

Increase the profibility of your investments and control the progress of your site using inspection, monitoring, Design and asset management tools accessible from any browser or device.

Online solution for measurements, annotations and data analysis

Atlas Geoportal offers a new solution for investment inspections, monitoring and site measuring.  We supply you with an online system based on UAV, AUV, Lidar and Static scanning data that provides a quick and easy solution for evaluation or progress monitoring of the investment and to verify if the work has been completed according to the design. 

This allows teams to react quickly to observed deviations before they change into serious problems.

Main Features

Controlling the process of your construction using Atlas Geoportal is quick and easy.

Store & Collaborate

Keep all survey data in one place (photos, point clouds, orthomosaics, DSM, DXF, KML, Shape, etc)

Share data and reports in one click


Visualize elevation, orthomosaics & point clouds

Create 2D DXF visualization on the 3D landscape

Generate 3D from 2D photos with a photogrammetry processor


Analyse & Report

Measure and annotate in 2D and 3D

Track progress of all changes on your worksite with visual reports

View history and overlay chosen layers over construction site

The platform gives you the ability to:

  • store and access all the historical data of your project on one platform from the web on any device. 
  • upload and overlay design layers to check if all work is completed according to the design.
  • create dedicated vector layers with drawings or measurements to mark specific points of interest.
  • Works within any coordinate system.